At SNOWDEN ASSOCIATES we have built a reputation as one of northern New England's leading human resource consulting and career development firms. However, as a sign of our continued commitment to those seeking career help privately, we will always provide individual career counseling and search assistance.

In the past few years, we have enjoyed such successes as adding new offerings to our array of services, allying with Lincolnshire International, and moving to new corporate headquarters at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth.

However, our history goes back over 30 years. Here's a closer look:

Richard Snowden, an ex-high school teacher, and Robin Beck, a counselor, founded Snowden Associates in 1979. The Portsmouth, N.H., residents focused on individual career counseling and job search assistance.

A Program Goes Nationwide

Business expanded with the development of a career search program featuring audio tape cassettes. The program, which Richard and Robin marketed nationally, was purchased by many college career centers and career development firms.

In the early '80s Richard began to market franchises of the firm, and offices were established in Hartford, Conn., Albany, N.Y., and Boston, Mass. The Albany and Boston franchises remained in business until 1990.

Vander Veer Steps In

Gerritt Vander Veer, former VP of strategic planning and staff operations for Met Life in New York City, was looking for a change. In 1985 he moved to New Hampshire and acquired Snowden. After a year of acclimation to his new home and career, Gerritt began to develop and implement a long-term growth strategy. His strategy focused on addressing northern New England's need for high-quality corporate outplacement and search services, delivered in a personal way.

Under Gerritt's direction, we entered the executive search business in 1987 and the corporate outplacement business in 1988. These services required individual involvement with people contending with career change and personal-fulfillment issues. Our vision for future growth and success focused on providing services with a high level of integrity and with a commitment to help people and organizations successfully deal with transitions.

People Issues Take Center Stage

During the early '90s—a time of recession and recovery—we correctly predicted that organizations undergoing change processes would have to pay special attention to "people issues." Accordingly, we focused on helping organizations with the "people management" part of the change process.

In 1994 we established a satellite office in the Coldstream Office Park in Bedford, N.H.

Rishkofski Brings a Fresh Direction

After 15 years of building Snowden into a fine regional human resource firm, Gerritt Vander Veer decided it was time to reduce his involvement and semi-retire. Gerritt sold the firm to Len Rishkofski in August 2000, but still serves as a consultant working on special projects and assisting with the transition.

Under Len's direction, we have maintained the long-term relationships developed over the years. And we remain focused on our core strengths: career transition/outplacement and managed search.

But Len has also instituted some major changes. In an attempt to help organizations understand new employer/employee relationships and find ways for employees to maintain value, we have added individual development, alignment and executive coaching to our array of services. Our goal: to always be northern New England's premier provider of human resource services.

Forging an International Alliance

As a result of our dramatic growth, we relocated our Bedford office for the third time in as many years in November 2000. We are now located in the Carriage House at Coldstream Park. This additional space has allowed for the addition of both recruiting and counseling staff.

In January 2001 we took a significant leap into the future by negotiating an alliance with Lincolnshire International that enabled us to service our clients on an international basis. With core businesses of career transition/outplacement, managed search and coaching, Lincolnshire offered a scope of services that our clients could not otherwise find on a regional basis. This relationship was later dissolved in 2006 to give Snowden more flexibility as Lincolnshire was too restrictive from a geographical boundary standpoint. Snowden has since forged relationships with other firms that allows the Company to provide services on a regional and international basis.

Growth and Expansion Continues

In yet another sign of our growth, we moved to new, modern corporate headquarters at Pease International Tradeport, Portsmouth's growing commerce hub, in November 2001.

Snowden's expansion continued in January 2002 with the addition of offices at 20 Trafalgar Square in Nashua, NH.

As a result of the growth and success of the company, record sales and profits were recorded in 2001; Snowden was recognized as one of the Top 100 small companies in New England by Fleet Bank.

With the need to have more flexibility with office space in 2003, the Bedford Office was relocated to 15 Constitution Boulevard in Bedford, NH.

April 2005 saw the continued expansion of the company with the addition of the office at 477 Congress Street, Portland, ME.