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Peter Duffy Snowden Associate

Senior Counselor

Peter Duffy

Peter brings a rich background to his work at SNOWDEN Associates. A seasoned business development, marketing, and communications professional, he has experience and expertise in business start-ups, midsize and Fortune 50 Corporations both domestic and international.

During his career he worked at vertical market leaders including Pfizer Pharmaceuticals & Health Solutions, HMIS Financial Software, and Harte Hanks, a global Direct Marketing Organization. Within each organization Peter has excelled through hard work and a deep desire to learn and to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches.

Specifically, Peter's skill lies in helping people and organizations understand and communicate their value proposition in such a way as to win, keep and grow relationships with customers. His talents include developing strategic frameworks, business development, team facilitation, client relations, communications, public speaking, and direct marketing. Peter firmly believes that organizational culture trumps strategy at all times and that it is incumbent on the part of leadership to identify, unlock and execute on the strengths within each person in order to unearth the roots of organizational success.

A graduate of Providence College, Providence, RI Peter earned a BA in General Social Studies; is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Healthcare Leadership, is a graduate of managerial courses in Targeted Selection and Situational Leadership. Peter served our country as an officer in the US Army Infantry.

Active in his community, Peter assists people displaced from their jobs to gain confidence and direction through career transition/outplacement services, provides strategic communication and strategic leadership direction for non-profit firms and elementary schools. He frequently assists young adults to consider the criticality of understanding and having the courage to use your talents. Peter serves on the Pastoral Council of his church and is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

A New Hampshire resident, Peter and his wife Diane reside in Merrimack, NH and enjoy raising their family of six children.

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